Patient Testimonials

Dr. Loyola's Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Loyola

I wanted to write you to let you know that you have been in my thoughts and the thoughts of my sister and brother throughout this year.

We are grateful beyond words for the miraculous surgical intervention you performed for my mother and the expert and diligent care you gave to her before and after her surgery.

2010 has been a great year for my family due in no small part to all of your efforts. It has been a joy for me to see my mother able to embrace fully without any limitations.


Dr. Loyola:

Thanks so much for your work on my back this past September. Just finished a few ski days @ Copper Mountain and my back actually felt better than it has in years. I didn't think id ski this year after surgery, so I really appreciated this time on the slopes. Thanks!


Dear Dr. Loyola,

Thank you very much for saving my son's life. You did an excellent job and the doctors at Cooks Children's Hospital told me that I owe you for saving him that night. A simple thank you seems inadequate but the life you saved that night is more precious to me than my own life. Thank you so much.

- Leah

Dr. Loyola,

Today, we think of you, because without your excellent concern and care, Chris would not be graduating. Because of you and God, who answers prayers, we are celebrating this time of great success. I hope this successful story remains one of your rewards for many hard hours of work.

Your Friends,
K, L, C,

Dr. Loyola,

Thanks for meeting me at the hospital the last week, and for the surgery, because I know it worked.

- John

Dear Dr. Loyola,

You have saved my life. You are my hero and I will remember your care and love in my heart forever. Thank you!

- Tom

Dear Dr. Loyola,

I never had the privilege of knowing you but there is a thanks for pulling me though a few years ago in Abilene after I got ran over by a bull. Life is good and thanks to you and your work. If you ever get lost in S.E. Texas give us a call.

- M.D., Beaumont, TX

Dear Doctor Loyola,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the best Christmas gift received this year. It has been such a relief to be free of back pain. I wish you a great 2002 a year full of opportunity to create a better future for yourself, your loved ones, your patients, and even the world around us.

- Denise

Dr. Loyola,

Hi! Remember me? I am the one who is five years old and had severe head injuries in 1988. You saved my life. I am a very sweet and happy child. I am in the third grade and I made straight A's the first 6 weeks, although I did receive an X in excessive talking. Ha ha my teacher just doesn't realize I have so many things to say and to catch up on for all the time I couldn't speak! Oh yeah I received an award for the most improved student of the year. If you notice my left knee in the picture has a hole in it. Well that is because I can run and I accidentally fell, I love life. I notice things like rainbows, the moon, etc... My mom says, "I'm gifted" because I see the best in everything and in everybody. I just wanted to say, "Thank you again". My mom and dad remember the three surgeries and hours you stood over me. Most of all they know that they could never re-pay you for saving my life. What really astonishes them is that you knew that they did not have the money to pay and you just tore up the bill. My mom said to tell you that she is now an LVN and works for a physician so she knows the long hours and the never ending phone calls during the night. She knows that you are one special person whom when it came to money your main concern was me. All the money in the world could never pay you back.

Love you lots,

Dear Dr. Loyola,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the effort you gave to bring our daughter back to us on the night of Oct. 16. We realize that in your profession you have to sometimes make decisions on very short notice that can affect a persons quality of life. Please note in the following photograph she is giving us a thumbs up with her right hand while reading a card, yes, she could see from both eyes, she could stand, she could walk a few step, and she could talk when she was capped, and we got very good at reading lips when she wasn't. The only obstacle that she could not over come was Cystic Fibrosis which to date no one has totally conquered. But as for the trauma we feel that if she had not had CF she would have fully recovered. We had 30 days of laughter and love thanks to you.

God bless you,

Dr. Loyola,

This summer we had our largest acute care internship @ BRMCP with 23 interns, you were recognized as a generous physician who took who took the time to teach them. I would like to thank you for your support of our nursing educational program @ Baylor Plano.

Eileen RN, MSN

Doctor Loyola,

Hi! I don't think you will remember me; about 2 years and 6 months ago I had an accident. I was in the hospital in Abilene and I almost died. But God gave me my life back. Now, I am back in Del Rio working and living a great life. I hope soon I will get a chance to meet you. One of the best doctor's that saved my life. God bless you always.

- Janie

Dr. Loyola,

Thank you so much for allowing me to observe the surgery this morning. Upon leaving I thanked God for creating the very few special people like you with such magnificent talent.


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