Anterior Cervical Disectomy & Fusion (ACDF)

What Is an Artificial Disc?  Prestige® Cervical Disc

An artificial disc is a prosthetic device inserted between the vertebrae to replace a natural spinal disc. It is designed to preserve mobility throughout the treated vertebral segment.

When non-surgical therapies fail to provide relief from acute disc herniation, your doctor may recommend spine surgery. The goal of surgery is to remove all or part of a damaged disc (discectomy), relieve pressure on the nerves and/or spinal cord (decompression), and to restore spinal stability and alignment after the disc has been removed.

Traditionally, spinal fusion has been the gold standard for surgically treating disc herniation or degenerative disc disease. Using bone grafts and instrumentation, such as metal plates and screws, this procedure fuses, or creates a bond between, two adjacent vertebrae. This will ideally stabilize the spine segment and provide pain relief.

This procedure has been successful in many patients. However, spinal fusion results in loss of motion and flexibility in the treated vertebral segment.

As an alternative to spinal fusion, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure called artificial disc replacement. This is a type of joint replacement procedure, or arthroplasty, that involves inserting an artificial disc into the intervertebral space after a natural cervical disc has been removed.

The device is designed to preserve mobility within the disc space and throughout the treated vertebral segment. It is designed to function like a joint, providing motion (flexion, extension, side bending, and rotation) and alignment (height and curvature) of a natural disc.

What type of symptoms would a patient have to have for you to consider them as a candidate for the Prestige® Cervical Disc?

The ideal patient would have pain shooting into their arms and hands in a pattern that matched a disc problem at the correct level of the neck. Many would have neck pain along with this. Some patients would also have weakness in arm or hand muscles or numbness or tingling in their arm or hands.

What type of conditions does the Prestige Cervical Disc replacement surgery treat?

It treats degenerated discs in the neck or herniated discs in the neck. Most patients with these herniated discs of the neck will have compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots as well as neck pain associated with the degenerated discs.

What is the Prestige Cervical Disc made out of? Is it a material that's been used in people in the past?

The Prestige Cervical Disc is constructed with medical grade stainless steel. Other stainless steel implants have been used safely and successfully for a number of indications for many decades.

How is the Prestige Cervical Disc implanted? Is it a familiar technique?

The Prestige Cervical Disc is implanted through an incision in the front of the neck, which provides direct access to the disc space. It is a familiar approach. This is the same approach used to treat cervical disc herniation through an anterior cervical fusion.

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